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KTrack Stakeholders

WRT believes that all members of the design, construction and operation/maintenance teams are stakeholders. As such, they have a vested interest in the success of the building and therefore should inure benefits from the platform. To that end, the following is a partial description of some of those advantages:

We are focused on Owners

The Owner is the #1 Stakeholder


KTrack is a fully featured, facilities asset management platform that helps building owners increase asset productivity, reduce maintenance costs and gives increased visibility into the operations and asset performance data. The platform possesses an Integrated Facilities Asset Library (IFAL) at its core and has all the functionality of a typical CMMS. All of KTrack’s competitors are positioning their products to assist the construction managers and/or general contractors. WRT believe that is an outdated approach and that the building owner must become the center of the facilities universe. Owners are the ones with the greatest exposure and should be the ones setting the standards and reaping the benefits. As such, the KTrack platform concentrates on their needs, as well as, provides outstanding benefits to the other parties in the building construction ecosystem. The value proposition is clear:

  • Owners control the platform
  • A single source of truth for all assets is attained
  • Accuracy of data is validated during multiple stages of the project
  • The owner gets one throat to choke
  • One vendor-neutral platform for both new and existing structures
  • Commissioning tasks are performed and captured within the platform
  • Handover becomes seamless
  • The owner has a comprehensive set of asset data documents
  • The owner receives an executable plan for the maintenance of their assets
  • Ability to leverage the value of asset data in a dynamic, digital and mobile format
  • Accurate information is readily available from start through building maintenance
  • Warranty details are delivered Day 1
  • Access to data in order to perform prescriptive maintenance

architects / engineers

Serving the design teams by delivering:

  • Fully accessible, validated information on the design to the owner and the A&E team,
  • Creating an exceptions report on every asset that differs from originally specified items,
  • Changing the workflow from a cumbersome, paper process to a streamlined digitized system,
  • Access to a Global Reference Library – a database of manufacturer, construction classification, asset lifecycle and preventive  maintenance reference materials to facilitate installation, operations and maintenance
  • Affording a toolset which containing the APIs to BIM models and Master Class and Omni Class templates
  • Ability to retrieve any document from a mobile device

construction managers

The KTrack solution manages complexity by providing:

  • A comprehensive, accurate, streamlined library of building asset.
  • Tracking and validating asset information in a centrally managed library for all contractors and subcontractors during  construction.
  • Documents that are readily accessible and trackable.
  • Affording a toolset which containing the APIs to BIM models and Master Class and Omni Class templates
  • Access to a Global Reference Library – a database of manufacturer, construction classification, asset lifecycle and pre ventive maintenance reference materials to facilitate installation, operations and maintenance
  • A full range of standard and customized reports and dashboard tools to conduct analytics during and after construction.


KTrack provides multiple layers of reporting and data management on each project. The platform assists with project planning, asset location and order, shipment and delivery schedules, thus saving time, money and eliminating errors.


By having access to KTrack’s Integrated Facility Asset Library, all data required to perform commissioning tasks is at their fingertips. It is packaged in the system and delivers suggested the tasks for the commissioning agent. KTrack delivers a digital process to understand and navigate the commissioning phase to enhance efficiencies. This electronic capture methodology will improve the accuracy of commissioning.

Operations and Maintenance Teams

For the Owners operations and maintenance teams the following assets in KTrack will minimize the Owner’s expense for skilled human capital, the cost of materials, and extend the life of the facility

  • Preventive Maintenance Plans: Plans are all table driven and plug-and-play for the building owner. The global  reference library comes pre-loaded with information. Once assets are entered, they are linked to maintenance plans.
  • Access and Permission: System permissions can be set up based on the role a user plays while working in the system.  Systems permissions work seamlessly with customers, tenants, employees and contractors.
  • Client Module: Comprehensive client database with contact, billing information and work order history.
  • Property Center: Allows a view, by property of all the equipment at the location as well as all service activity and  history by location. Allows users to see all clients/departments at a property on a campus.
  • Smart Tech Scheduling: Schedules technicians using algorithms to efficiently dispatch technicians based on location,  expertise, familiarity with assets, and current schedule. Maximizes technician utilization by locating and assigning  technicians to work orders based on their location.
  • Work Order Management: Work order tracking, supervised workflow and assignments, service and task assignments,  priority levels, establish audit trails, track labor and materials use/cost. Work orders are completed online to facilitate  technician scheduling and dispatch.
  • Dispatch/Scheduling: Designed to keep technicians on track and on time. Provides view of each technician’s schedule  and work orders.
  • Compliance: Creates an audit trail to demonstrate a record of maintenance, repairs and task for each asset.
  • Library: The integrated facility asset library serves as the database for all assets from the design and construction  phase to the maintenance phase.