Owner driven facility & asset management

A New Approach
KTrack is Built for Owners

In this digital age, more facility data is being generated than ever before. Until now Owners have not had a platform of their own for collecting, managing, and analyzing data to generate information for strategic decision making.

Wye River Technologies (WRT) has built the KTrack platform explicitly for the building Owner. WRT believes the Owner must be the center of the facilities information universe as they have the greatest financial exposure. In order to achieve that position, the Owner needs one platform from which they can set information standards, identify methods to collect and manage data, and capture all service and maintenance transactions related to their facility and its assets. When the Owner is in control of their facility’s data, they are empowered with the ability to execute a highly effective operations and maintenance strategy.

We are focussed on Owners

Take control of your data throughout the entire facility lifecycle


KTrack was built for new construction and renovation, as well as existing buildings.

New Construction and Renovation:

Currently, design and construction teams set the standards using software they own to collect facility data and documentation on the owner’s behalf. This information is eventually presented to the Owner in various formats. Arriving well beyond the occupancy date, Owners are left to fend for themselves using disorganized data. Further complicating data collection and its utilization is a lack of data standardization as the process is typically reinvented for each project and stakeholders and data delivery tend to change overtime.

Using KTrack from the outset of each project, the Owner is directing the collaboration of the design and construction teams’ standardization processes and protocols. In KTrack, the owner defines the standards for documentation requirements for all of their facilities and each asset type. Using those criteria, project stakeholders utilize the KTrack Project Management module to manage the owner’s assets from the design phase through the project completion. Collecting the Owner defined data and documentation; utilizing workflows for acceptance, approval, and verification; and finally building and executing commissioning plans are all captured on the Owner’s KTrack platform.

Now, at occupancy, the Owner has all required data and documentation immediately available to all stakeholders for operations and maintenance.

Existing Buildings

For existing buildings, the owner leverages KTrack data collection processes and work flows to eliminate barriers to asset data collection. Harnessing the Owner’s defined data standards from IFAL, the owner can quickly and efficiently collect asset data based on IFAL specifications. Utilizing KTrack validation work flows, the Owner is able to ensure that all collected data is accurate. KTrack data collection and validation provides an expedited path to strategic operations and maintenance of the facility. Significant expenses that would otherwise be incurred by the owner to capture the same facility data using traditional methods are eliminated


Ken Bado
Former Executive Vice President

Murray Hestley
Former Vice President, Virtual Design & Construction
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company