Facility & asset management via the web a mobile platforms!

The KTrack Platform

The KTrack platform uses its proprietary Integrated Facility Asset Library (IFAL) to house all of the Owner’s facility data. KTrack leverages key modules to transact with and analyze data housed within IFAL:

➤ The Facility Asset Management Module informs design and purchasing decisions based on cost per asset.
➤ The Operations and Maintenance Module facilitates a fully functioning work order management system.
➤ The Project Management Module allows an Owner to define the format and protocols of what data and documentation will be maintained.
➤ The Document Library Module stores AEC documents, operation and maintenance manuals, performance reports, sequence of operations, warranties, etc.
➤ The Vendor Module manages vendor locations, contacts, assets installed, supplied, manufactured, vendor related work order (WO) activity and any vendor contracts in place for service and maintenance.
➤ The KTrack APIs – 3rd Party Application Integration Module shares IFAL data with other 3rd Party applications to reduce duplication and increase productivity..


The KTrack IFAL is truly a home for everything related to facility data. IFAL provides the owner a single platform upon which they can define the facility, asset data, location, and documentation standards that can be leveraged throughout all of their facilities ensuring complete, accurate data and documentation for each facility and every asset. IFAL brings assets and documentation together by location and/or by related systems providing the owner unparalleled insight into their facility and a crystal clear understanding of what assets the owner has, where they are located, what they are connected to and what locations they serve.

KTrack leaves no gap between conception, construction, and a facility’s operational life. In the built environment, Owners will experience immediate benefit from the platform’s features. The KTrack IFAL is a central repository of asset data gathered during the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases. Building Owners can move from construction to operations to maintenance with complete, accurate, validated information in order to focus on the lifecycle of their assets.


The Facility Asset Management module leverages the IFAL to manage facility data and asset data to an exceptional level of detail, thus providing for extensive analysis. When used in conjunction with the Operations & Maintenance Module Owners can analyze the associated cost per asset and compare that cost to like assets across their portfolio. Understanding the cost to install, maintain and service an asset over its lifecycle enables the owner to make informed decisions when planning new construction projects or asset replacement.

Facility Management

KTrack Facility Management provides the owner access to vast amounts of information for all interior and exterior spaces including: location definition, room numbers, levels, zones, and types, use and more.

Location Assets

Know what assets are in each room and what assets serve that room. Bar code a room to quickly access all of that room’s information.


All location documentation, such as AEC documents are explicitly linked to the locations they relate to thereby eliminating time consuming searches to find a specific sheet. From within each room you have direct access to the AEC documents explicitly related to that room.

Viewer Integration

Direct access to Revit models via the KTrack web viewer enable the user to view 2D and 3D models of the building and to narrow in to view a specific location

Asset Management

Easily manage assets, asset data, documentation and warranties all in one place. Understand the asset types that make up your facility, where they are, who supplied and installed them, and what other assets or systems they are related to within the facility.

Asset Details

Asset make, model, manufacturer date, installation date, installer and supplier data.

Data Points

Capture asset maintenance materials, manufacturer and engineering specifications, and maintenance related data points.


Link O&M manuals, Test and Balance reports, warranty documents, and AEC drawings explicitly to its asset. Access location documentation related to the asset’s location within the facility.

Status and Warranty

Manage assets at various phases of their life cycle. Identify new assets, track installation, startup, commissioning, or other milestones related to the asset’s lifecycle. Track Warranty details for all assets e.g start/ end date and what’s under warranty.


The KTrack O&M module puts the power of information to work for the Owner. Leveraging location and asset related data and documentation, they can harness that information to achieve maximum productivity and reduce costs.

Work Orders

Create and manage work orders. Assign them to in-house staff or 3rd party vendors for execution. Track all work order activity by asset and attain expense tracking by asset.
Capture all 3rd party work order activity in KTrack eliminating the loss of service history related to vendors.


Dissect work orders by type, division, trade, skill set, location, time to complete and more. Manage work order assignments to completion for in-house staff and outsourced vendors

Preventative Maintenance

Maintain the entire asset. Harness the KTrack Prescriptive Maintenance module by utilizing templates to quickly build prescriptive maintenance plans for all assets. Issue contracts with vendor outsourced personnel.


A dramatic new approach to execute new construction or renovation projects for the owner. KTrack Project Management is the first Owner driven platform to start with the owner at the beginning of a project whether new construction or renovation. From within the Project Management Module the owner in conjunction with project stakeholders can:
• Capture location and asset related data pertaining to the project.
• Follow custom workflows to ensure all project data and documentation are collected according to the defined standards.
• Manage project documents, issues, and vendors.
• Commission assets with asset specific commissioning plans.

Asset Log

Manage project assets and capture asset data as per the owners requirements, and track asset status throughout the project

Document Log

Establish documents requirements for the project including submittals. Track document status utilizing defined workflows to ensure the owner’s requirements are satisfied.

Location Log

Identify locations related to a project and capture the data required to satisfy the owner’s requirements.


Using predefined or custom templates build and execute commissioning plans for any asset utilizing all of the asset data and documentation captured throughout the project. By performing commissioning using the captured data an added layer of data validation is achieved.


The document library provides an organized platform for every facility related document the owner desires to store. Within the Document Library the owner can store AEC documents, operation and maintenance manuals, performance reports, sequence of operations, warranties and more. The document library includes a customizable folder hierarchy to logically store all of the various document types while allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. Users can store one copy of a document and then link that document within the library to any entity on the platform including: locations, assets, vendors, issues, work orders, etc. thereby providing the user direct access to a document via a specific entity. Document library linking provides the owner simplified document management allowing them to store a document in one place and reference it across many assets, locations, issues and more, thereby, eliminating the need to store multiple versions of the same document in several different places.


Managing vendors is made simple with the KTrack Vendor module. Users can manage vendor locations, contacts, assets installed, supplied, manufactured, vendor related work order activity and any vendor contracts in place for service and maintenance.

KTrack APIs – 3RD Party Application Integration

Providing the owner an Integrated Facility Asset Library requires that we share specific data points within the library with other applications. KTrack APIs enable the sharing of IFAL data with other 3rd Party applications thereby eliminating the experience of significant data loss, the time and effort required to format and upload data from a multitude of systems, the challenges associated with accessing info from unrelated systems, and lost productivity from not having immediate access to required information. All of these challenges negatively impact the operations and maintenance life cycle.